Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Brodie Farrell Mysteries by Jo Bannister

I love finding a new, new to me that is, mystery series. Especially one that has a number of books in the series already published. It means you don't have to wait a year or two for the author to write the next one.

I have recently been reading Jo Bannister's mysteries featuring Brodie Farrell. I started with the most recent one, Flawed, and then went back and started at the beginning with Echoes of Lies. There are seven mysteries in all so far.

Brodie Farrell is a divorced, single mother living in England. To support herself and her daughter she starts up a business called Looking for Something? So, that is what she does. Some days she may be searching antique shops for a particular vase to match one a client has at home or she may be looking for a person. It is through this business that she meets Daniel Hood, a mathematics teacher. Daniel is stubborn and always insists on telling the truth; this may seem like a plus, but it tends to get him into difficult situations. Brodie also meets and develops a relationship with Detective Superintendent Jack Deacon, who seems physically and emotionally to be the opposite of Hood.

The interactions between these three people are well-developed, realistic, and intriguing. Other characters that enter the different books are also interesting, including Deacon's assistant and the various villians that come and go. Now I'm waiting for book #8 to come out.

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