Thursday, May 28, 2009

the green teen by Jenn Savedge

The green teen is a compact book with a subtitle of the eco-friendly teen’s guide to saving the planet. Author Jenn Savedge has done a nice job of compiling information that teens can use to change their habits, if they want. There are a number of do-it-yourself projects like making your own personal care products or simple things to do around the house to save energy. Included are text codes so teens (or anyone else) can get info on the go. For example, text BUYORGANIC to 4-INFO to get a list of food that might be best to purchase organic. Plus, there are a lot of websites included for further reading if a teen becomes especially interested in a particular project.

I thought some of the most interesting parts to read were the real life stories of teens who have done something in their community to go green. Some examples include starting an environmental club at school or converting a regular car to an electric one. I was most inspired by the group in New York City led by 15-year-old Avery Hairston. This group raises money to purchase compact fluorescent light bulbs and then hands them out to low-income families. I liked this idea because it seemed manageable, yet could really make a difference. A few more ambitious projects are also described such as working to save a lake or to clean up the water supply in India. Some practical help in the form of a recycling plan to propose to your school is included.

I also appreciated the sections where teens received suggestions on how to get their parents to go along with their plans to go green.
For example, “Be Their Guide: Save your parents time and money by researching their options for them.” The book then goes on to point out how to do that and includes some useful websites.
I especially liked this suggestion:
Take the Hit: If it is going to cost $20 more each week for your parents to buy organic groceries at the store, offer to absorb the costs by paying for them with your allowance or giving up something you’ve been begging for but don’t really need. Make it a family effort so that your parents will know how important this is to you.”

I do have a copy of the green teen to give away to one reader. Post a comment below and I’ll do a random drawing on June 3rd. To learn more about the author visit her site at or click here to purchase the book.

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Aria Baker said...

I love the idea of teens leading the way and teaching their parents. Sounds like an inspiring book!